How Can I Help?

I believe homeownership builds a foundation of stability, comfort, and opportunity that enable people to thrive within their homes and communities. This is why my goal as a real estate consultant is to provide the guidance and resources necessary to help my clients navigate the real estate process and achieve their housing goals.

I've worked in the building industry for nearly 20 years as an architect and builder gathering a wealth of knowledge on housing and construction. I find joy in helping buyers visualize what their future homes could look like while also helping them identify potential problems to be aware of. This background also allows me to give sellers honest assessments of their homes and provide guidance to improve their sales value through strategic improvements and careful presentation.


Education - Through constant learning, training and certifications, I strive to remain current on issues related to real estate, construction, and housing. As an avid data nerd, I enjoy tracking housing trends to ensure my clients stay on top of the market and competition. I also love helping clients understand the process of real estate transactions and giving them resources and information about their homes and neighborhoods.

Preparation - Having worked as a carpenter for a number of years, I fully subscribe to the phrase, "measure twice, cut once." In real estate, I believe in the importance of careful planning and thorough preparation to avoid unpleasant surprises and to ensure a smooth transaction.

Honesty - Not being one to sugar coat the truth, I will gladly let my clients know if a house is not a good fit for them or if I see a potential problem with the house. In return, I ask my clients for honest feedback on how I can better help them with their real estate needs.

Relationship - Growing up as an introvert, I learned to start with listening and asking poignant questions in order to provide clear, concise, and purposeful feedback. I believe in building a relationship with my clients based on trust, listening and honest communication.